World Thyroid Day | 25th May

During the ITC in Paris a meeting was held on Monday 13th September 2010, with the participation of the presidents of ETA (Peter Laurberg), ATA (Terry Davies), AOTA (Junji Konishi) and LATS (Heinz Graf).

The meeting was called by Yvonne Anderson, the president of the International Thyroid Federation (ITF) and it was coordinated by Leonidas Duntas.
The aim was to discuss and advance the global promotion of World Thyroid Day, 25th of May, as well as the initiatives of Thyroid International Awareness Week (ITAW).  The meeting was kindly supported by Merck Serono.

The attendees unanimously agreed to adopt 25th May as WTD, committing to intensification of efforts on this Day for increased awareness of thyroid disease. In parallel, TFI will continue to organize TIAW around this day.

Our declared aim is to increase sensitivity among the public and professionals to the grave impact of thyroid disease on human health. Within the framework of this objective, it was decided to undertake every necessary effort for official recognition by WHO of the entire package of thyroid diseases, symbolized by yearly commemoration of WTD, as a major global health concern.