Articles of Association


The Association should be known as the Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association.


(a) The headway of information in fundamental and clinical thyroidology.

(b) The upgrade of enthusiasm for the act of pharmaceutical identified with the thyroid and advancement of applicable research in thyroidology.

(c) The assistance of joint effort and trade of data among people and national social orders inside the area.

(d) The association and coordination of regiona1 logical congresses and gatherings inside the locale.

(e) The decision of delegates from the area to the International Thyroid Congress Coordinating Committee.


an) Individual Membership: Physicians and researchers inside the locale who are occupied with the investigation of thyroidology and its clinical applications.

Chamber of Association

(a) The Association should have a Council which might have the obligation of administering the Association.

(b) The Council should be chosen at the season of the International Thyroid Congress and might hold office until the following International Congress.

(c) Individual individuals from every country inside the locale should be in charge of designating and choosing fifteen (15) agents to the Council from no less than five nations inside the district without any than three (3) Council individuals originating from any one nation.

(d) The Council should hold no less than two gatherings amid its residency of office.

(e) The Council might be in charge of the race of agents to the International Thyroid Congress.

Office Bearers and Executive Committee

(a) The Office Bearers are the President, 3 Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary/Treasurer who might make the Executive Committee.

(b) The Executive Committee might be augmented by two (2) extra individuals chose by the Council.

(c) The Executive Committee might deal with the undertakings of the Association between Council Meetings and spread data to individuals.


Individual and Society/Organization Membership duty might be set by the Council every once in a while in its normal gatherings.

The Executive Committee should be in charge of financing costs between Congresses.

From 2010 to 2015, yearly enrollment charge might be 4 USD. This will be gathered either by national thyroid relationship to which part have a place or by one of individuals from a nation in which there is no national thyroid affiliation.

Gatherings and Congress

(a) The Council has the duty of sorting out no less than one territorial gathering between International Thyroid Congresses. It might approve the Executive Committee to make the essential Organizing and other working boards of trustees to actualize or run such gatherings.

(b) Conferences might be held alone or as a team with the Asia and Oceania Endocrine Society or with other perceived logical or medicinal social orders or associations inside the district.

(c) The Executive Committee should facilitate gatherings all through the district with counsel with National Societies and other provincial associations to dodge clashes of timetable.