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History of AOTA: Its Leaders and its Congresses


In the realm of Thyroidology, there are 4 thyroid affiliations speaking to their particular areas: the American Thyroid Association (ATA, set up in 1923), the European Thyroid Association (ETA, 1965), the Latin American Thyroid Society (LATS, 1974) and the Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association (AOTA, 1975).   The most youthful of these kin, AOTA was built up in 1975 in Boston at the season of the seventh International Thyroid Congress through the endeavors of Ian Hales (Australia) Creswell J Eastman (Australia) and Shigenobu Nagataki (Japan). Ian Hales was its first president, helped by 3 VPs, Gopal K Rastogi (India), Kazuo  Shizume (Japan), Leland Villadolid (Philippines), with Creswell Eastman serving as Secretary/Treasurer.  The other Founding Members of AOTA included (Jim Stockigt (Australia)& Radmil Hoschl (Australia).  It held its first Congress in Singapore on January 28-31, 1978.

The affiliation had settled the term of office of its Office Bearers for 5 years.  It likewise chose these officers and different individuals from the AOTA Council in the Delegates Assembly amid the International Thyroid Congresses (ITC) which were held like clockwork. Before all else, AOTA Congresses were booked like clockwork in destinations to be chosen by the AOTA Council Members. In any case, when the need emerges, it could likewise hold logical gatherings in the middle of congresses.

From 1980 to 1985, the second president was Nabuo Ui (Japan) with Vinod Kumar (India), Thomas S Reeve (Australia) and Peter Yeo (Singapore) chose as VPs, and Shigenobu Nagataki (Japan) as secretary.  Barely a long time since its foundation, AOTA sorted out and facilitated the eighth International Thyroid Congress in Sydney on February 3-8, 1980.

On August 19-22, 1982, AOTA’s second Congress was held in Tokyo, Japan.  Exactly two years after, on August 25-26, 1984, it held a mid-cycle meeting in Seoul, Korea.

The Thai capital of Bangkok was the site of AOTA’s third Congress on December 4-6, 1986, under the administration of Shigenobu Nagataki (Japan) and the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee Sunthorn Tandanhand.  Steering AOTA through the following 15 years and together with Jan Stockigt (Australia), Sunthorn Tandhanand (Thailand), Leland Villadolid (Philippines) as VPs, and Junji Konishi (Japan) as secretary, Prof Nagataki managed the fourth Congress in Seoul, Korea on April 19-21, 1989,  and its spin-off Symposium on IDD on April 24-25, 1989, in Tianjin, China.  Thereafter, the fifth Congress was sorted out by Creswell Eastman in the Blue Mountains, adjacent Sydney, Australia on May 2-5, 1993; and the sixth Congress in Osaka, Japan, on November 9-12, 1997.

The ball was in Asia’s court to have the International Thyroid Congress and AOTA, for the second time, facilitated the twelfth ITC held in Kyoto, Japan on October 22-27, 2000.  It was amid this ITC when AOTA’s administration crossed the Korea Straits to the Asian mainland.  From 2000-2005, Bo Youn Cho (Korea) held office as president with another arrangement of VPs: Creswell Eastman (Australia), Junji Konishi (Japan) and Rajata Rajatanavin (Thailand).  Serving as secretary and simultaneously treasurer was Young Kee Shong (Korea).    This group directed AOTA’s seventh Congress in Singapore on December 2-4, 2003.

In 2005, the AOTA administration backpedaled to Japan.  President Junji Konishi saved no little push to make the following congresses more successful.  Assisted by VPs Duncan Topliss (Australia), Chen Zu Pei (China), and Kwang Woo Lee (Korea), with Yoshiharu Murata as secretary, they sorted out a very much went to eighth Congress in Manila, Philippines on February 4-6, 2007.  This Congress was elevated by the support of 3 medicinal social orders in the Philippines and by the International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) which held its yearly Board meeting in conjunction with the AOTA Congress.

Taking after the AOTA Council’s choice to hold more successive congresses inside the district, the ninth Congress was held two years after the fact in Nagoya, Japan on November 2-4, 2009, this time in conjunction with the 52nd  Annual Meeting of the Japan Thyroid Association that further reinforced attendance.  In Nagoya, it was asserted that the following congress will be held in Bali, Indonesia in 2012 or two years after the 2010 International Thyroid Congress (ITC) in Paris.

The fourteenth ITC on September 10-16, 2010 saw the race of new Office Bearers for 2010-2015.  Japan’s Yoshiharu Murata was chosen AOTA’s sixth president.  Elected VPs were Duncan Topliss (Australia), Johan Masjhur (Indonesia) and Wei Ping Teng (China), and Teofilo San Luis Jr (Manila, Philippines) as secretary-treasurer.  New and youthful appearances were chosen into the Council, and in addition from new nations to augment AOTA’s venture into the Region.  It was likewise chosen amid the Paris get together to make another class of enrollment in the Council.  The posts of Emeritus Council Member were built up to respect past AOTA Presidents as well as Council Members who had sorted out and guided past Congresses.  They would furnish AOTA with the abundance of data on hierarchical advancement and serve as connections with other local affiliations.

Our Mission

To propel the information of essential and clinical thyroidology.

To improve the enthusiasm for the act of medication identified with the thyroid and advancement of important research in thyroidology.

To encourage the coordinated effort and trade of data among people and national social orders inside the area.

To sort out and coordination of regiona1 logical congresses and meetings inside the area.

To choose agents from the area to the International Thyroid Congress Coordinating Committee.

The affiliation intends to propel the information of essential and clinical Thyroidology. It will seek after the improvement to expand enthusiasm for the act of drug identified with the thyroid and advancement of significant research in Thyroidology.

It will likewise encourage the cooperation and trade of data among people and national social orders inside the area, sort out and coordination of regiona1 logical congresses and gatherings inside the district and choose agents from the locale to the International Thyroid Congress Coordinating Committee.


Improving Knowledge

AOTA looks for the progression of information in essential and clinical thyroidology particularly after the mapping of the human genome and the presentation of atomic medication in clinical practice. New disclosures on what upsets the thyroid in various clinical circumstances have affected emphatically on how we deal with patients. Physicians & other scientists involved with the thyroid as a specialty communicate their interests to their colleagues through scientific conferences and congresses which AOTA organizes in different sites in the Asian Region, now in increasing frequency. Be sure to improve your knowledge through thyroid supplement websites that review the best thyroid supplements such as <a href=”https://thyroidadvisor.com/”>Thyroid Advisor</a> and<a href=”https://thyroidsupplementreviews.com/”>Thyroid Supplement Reviews.</a>


Dedicated to research

AOTA upgrades both fundamental and clinical research on the thyroid by empowering applicable reviews and animating dynamic cooperation of doctors and different researchers through the Young Investigators’ Awards (YIA). Each AOTA Congress has its supplement of edited compositions submitted for oral or publication presentations. The work done by these specialists ranges from hormone activity to the study of disease transmission and general wellbeing to clinical administration of generous and dangerous thyroid conditions. YIAs show their prize-winning papers in AOTA Congresses with humble travel bolster from the affiliation


Reaching Asia & Oceania

As unlimited a mainland and as different a populace, the Asian Region is a test to AOTA. Step by step instructions to accumulate thyroidologists originating from the Asian landmass and from the various islands in its peripheries is an intense command for Congress coordinators. With AOTA Congresses now held at regular intervals and in destinations decided for their vital areas, uniting these Asian thyroidologists to talk about normal interests has its natural prizes: old and new companionship and precious chances to trade sees and encounters.